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A little about The Governors' Podcast
The Governors' Podcast is a brand of Education Governance Solutions Limited and launched in February 2021.
As of April 2021 it is sponsored by GovernorHub

We have accumulated more than 16,000 downloads, across 40+ episodes (35+ Agenda Items, as some topics are split across multiple episodes as "mini series"). The podcast has reached people from 1.3K+ locations, across 60+ countries.

The current release schedule is Wednesdays at 7am during term time (approx. 1-2 per month) and The Governors' Podcast defines its 'Seasons' by UK academic years (September to July). The episodes are called ‘Agenda Items’. The hosts of The Governors' Podcast are Sharon Warmington (Director of Education Governance Solutions; School Governor, Professional Clerk and Qualified Corporate Governance Practitioner) and Olivia D Hinds (Brand and Digital Marketing Management; LGB Committee Chair for Teaching and Learning, and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Link Governor; Generational Diversity Specialist).

For the description of each Single Item Agenda (episode) we include 5 key discussion points that we cover. We appreciate you taking the time to tune into any or all episodes. Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast on the respective platform that stream from, especially Apple Podcasts, as this supports our reach to more people. You are welcome to email us directly to the podcast - CLICK HERE

Our Brand Family and Links...
Education Governance Solutions (Parent Brand)
Transforming Students (Partner Brand) | Interested in diversifying your boards and governing bodies, specifically in terms of age? CLICK HERE 
National Black Governors Network, NBGN ('Sibling' Brand within EGS)
National Association of School and College Clerks, NASCC ('Sibling' Brand within EGS)

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