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Improving the Generational Diversity on Boards in the UK Education

Our Generational Diversity (aka Diversity of Age) Specialist, Olivia D Hinds, is on a mission to support individuals (millennials and generation Z, aged 18-30 years) on their governance journey and serve organisations be better understand, attract and retain these individuals on school and trust boards across England. It's time to show up fully in the 21st century and introduce more young people to the strategic-level spaces of the UK Education sector, bringing global citizens to local communities.
"Hazel [Education Correspondent, BBC News] did a voice report for radio news bulletins and used your quote about people who haven't sat an exam for 40 years. My husband who works in IT and isn't really an education person at all heard that quote and said it really hit home and made him think.

It is such a good way of explaining the issue and I hope it made others think too."

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'We need more school governors who look like me'
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Olivia D. Hinds

My Graduate to Governor story

From the age of 18, there is a commonly shared but unspoken pressure to have “years of experience” in something, at a time when you are only at the beginning of your journey. Olivia started university believing that she would only be as good as a First Class Honours degree, and achieving anything less would ultimately make her a failure. After 12 months of living and working in Mexico City, it could easily be assumed that that was the year of Olivia’s degree that would challenge her the most - well, it wasn’t. It was Olivia’s final year that almost broke her.

At the age of 23, and only weeks after completing her Corporate Governance exam, Olivia applied for and secured her first education governance post, in a primary school, entering the space as the Chair of the strategic body for this academy (2017). It felt very intimidating at first, as the average age of school governors was, and still remains to be, 60-75 years old but Olivia trusted that she was the right person for the position, and was ready, otherwise the opportunity would not have presented itself at that time.
Now 30, Olivia is passionate about encouraging and supporting others into becoming school governors; specifically targeting anyone who is 18-30 years, since becoming a school governor requires NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE but simply being from this age bracket means that you are the lived experience that needs to be represented in those spaces - It’s the 21st Century and time for change.

As the creator and co-host of The Governors Podcast (2021), nearly 7 years experience of serving Education at a strategic level through governance, and currently the Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Link Governor of a Selective School, Olivia is specialising in age diversity to fill the 1000s of governor vacancies in UK Education (2024). Olivia is driven to educate more Millennials and Generation Z on what education governance is and to empower them to believe in themselves - By being more visible, others can better understand why their presence and voice matters and how becoming a school governor is an opportunity to both give and gain in abundance from Day One.

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